December 18, 2020


Video Transcript

William: Hi everybody. I’m William, the eldest son of the Kinney family, and my mother’s present along with my brother. You know, I want to thank everyone for coming out today

Julie: Greetings, I’m Julie, the matriarch of the Kinney family I’m Upper Skagit woman, Indigenous to this land, one of the First People of this Nation, and I want to clear up some of the matters that have been brought up there. I want to thank everybody for their support. I thank you for being here today to get our perspective on what has been happening and so I’ll let my son start off.

Philo: And I’m Philo by the way, the youngest son of the Kinney family. My name is Michael, and uh, I want to thank everybody for coming.

Michael: Yeah, so I uh, wanted to update everybody on where we're at in terms of counsel and I wanted to let everybody know that we are finalizing a retainer agreement with counsel that we should be squared away hopefully by the beginning of Monday. Thanks.

Julie: So we wanted to clear up a few matters that have been negative press for our family I want everybody to know how devastated I am over that. Some of the, many of the facts are not even correct and so we will be trying to correct them coming up. But the main one is the fact that we have “two homes.” We do not. This is my only home. And if people think that I’m living comfortably in my in-laws house they are mistaken. All the items, the reporters could see that all my belongings are on the front porch and all over the house and in three storage units. So some of this false reporting needs to stop. And we will try to correct some of those things as we go along. This thing is devastating. My family has been put in danger because of the false reporting and i wanted to get out there that we needed to clear those things up. All those things that are being brought up against us in fact are evidence of the agencies that attack the people to get them out of their homes. So the more they dig, the more they’ll find that agency’s duress, and fees and fines and ticketing that has brought people to this state that I found myself in.

William: It’s the systematic, bureaucratic targeting that we survived is now coming to the forefront. You can see all these marks that they’ve used to try to discredit us or our community and the people know us and they have established a close relationship with us and know that we are none of those things that are being portrayed in the media.

Another thing that the false reporting has caused us is that is targeting our automobiles. I just suffered a targeted attack, a break-in, on my truck and that happened about two weeks ago. And then just three days ago my sister suffered another targeted attack on her automobile that was parked on the private property of the Toyota dealership located on Broadway, Portland Oregon, and the items that were stolen were things that were of deep value to my sister and are irreplaceable items. She had Christmas gifts in the back of her automobile and those things were stolen. They broke into the front and left the change, so it didn’t appear to be a homeless attack because you would think they would go after those types of valuables, but it seemed to be targeted to take things of sentimental valuables from our family.

Julie: Another point I wanted to bring up is that the attack that happened on the Red House was a continuation of the eviction that they supposedly followed up on from Sept 9 when they removed us, me and my husband, the first time. They gave us no notice that time and I’ve made it clear and this time again when the large raid happened on the home and the encampment, we just received notice yesterday in the mail from Multnomah County of that actual date of them approaching us. So therefore it wasn’t legal notice. Also it was just for this property over here at 4406. So we are very distrurbed of both times there was no notice being given. And that’s basically, …

William: … something that needs to be addressed. The no-notice at all. We’ve never been, we’ve been surprised by all these notices and uh, this is part of the systematic targeting of gentrification that we’ve been surviving. Another thing I wanted to follow up is the houseless folks that were removed at gunpoint on December 8, 2020 at gunpoint and the inhumane treatment we all experienced, my brother included. There was uh, certain houseless folks that were placed in isolation, confinement and degraded, called names outside of their pronouns and misgendering on purpose to try to make them have some type of mental breakdown. I witnessed this. We were going through booking there was also a uh, mistreatment of a Native American community member that was really mishandled by the Portland police, him and his dog, physically mistreated and thrown to the ground. My brother can probably elaborate on some of the other mistreatments he endured during this fight for our land back.

Philo: So now these people have received all their belongings. There is still a lot of stuff that has not been received yet from the PPB. A lot of the mistreatment was, you know, looked at like we were just like inhuman. That’s just the word I use to describe it. While we were in there, a lot of those people were solely in isolation over 24 hours before we got out. And when we were released they were uh.. I know when I was released that they were uh doing threatening tactics because I tried to reserve my rights on my signature, and sign under duress because all those things that they were doing to me were under duress, and they said I can reserve my right to my signature but if I did reserve my rights and they threatened more time and wouldn’t get out of there. [unclear] There was just mistreatment all along the way while going through that booking process, you know, deprivation of rights along the way, and [I can’t understand] all the campers that were there.

And while I’m in there, like the Native camper that was mistreated, he was only in there with no pants on and just his shirt with no socks. And while I was in there because I wore so many layers, by that time I was able to take the sweater off my back and give it to him so he wouldn’t be so cold and even, I doubled up on my socks and was able to give him an extra pair of socks or else he would have been in there in isolation freezing. Yeah.

William: Now I want to open up the conference room if you would raise your hands with questions, we are going to take a few questions.

Bridid McGrath: I have a question.

[off camera]: Ask who they are. Who is speaking right now?

Bridid: Hey what’s up. My name is Brigid, are y’all ready for questions?

[off camera]: What publication? We need to know your publication.

Bridid: I’m not with a publication. I’m just a local activist here in Portland.

[off camera]: We are taking questions from publications.

Brigid: Oh Ok, gotcha. Thank you.

Jeremy: Hi this is Jeremy Scott (?) with KXL News. Can the family elaborate on what sort of, I guess, agreement in principle, uh, that’s been reached that you alluded to on Monday?

William: The agreement in principle, met with the mayor’s office was that we all share the common goal of making sure that the Kinney family maintains their home. And so we have all agreed to come up with a peaceful diplomatic resolution and right now we are still in the infancy of these negotiations

Jeremy: So it is not an agreement with the developer, correct?

William: Not at this time. There’s been no communications yet. We are still waiting on counsel.

Jeremy: Thank you.

Nat Moon: Hey there, Nat Moon from KBOO. Um, I was just wondering if you could detail a little bit the communications you’ve received from the mayor’s office? He said he had been in touch with y’all back earlier this week and I just wanted to get some details from the family. Thank you.

William: Yeah, so we’ve been in touch with the mayor’s office every day this week just touching base on where we’re at with getting qualified counsel in place and the mayor’s office has reassured us that we are going to meet at, come to a common ground and figure out the best resolution for this matter.

Nat Moon: Thank you.

j. Ramakrishna: J. Ramakrishna, from the Oregonian

[off camera]: taking questions from the Oregonian? Yeah, we’re not taking questions from the Oregonian at this time. Thank you.

Jennifer Dowling: Hi I don’t know if you can hear me or not, this is Jennifer from KOIN 6. So what do you guys want folks to take away tonight? What’s your big takeaway from the uh, your press conference this evening? The biggest takeaway?

William: That we’re making progress in the negotiations to get qualified counsel so that we can have, you know, uh communicate the Kinney’s needs and come up with a satisfying resolution for all parties.

Drew Marine: Hi this is Drew with channel 12, can you hear me? I was just wondering what is the ideal solution, resolution to this for you guys?

William: It’s too soon to uh, to know at this point until we get counsel in place that can properly you know, look at the situation and present a uh you know the right options here and how to go about coming up with the right set or negotiations.

Philo: You know the bigger picture is if systemic racism and gentrification can stop in our neighborhood. That would be great.

Drew: Thank you, and just to clarify again, you said you have not been in contact with the developer as far as reaching an agreement there.

Julie: They’ve never tried.

William: I’ve spoke to Ozeruga’s one time, and that was when I served him personally at his home and he said that this was the worst deal of his life and that he just wants his money back from the bank. That was the only time and that was about a year ago that I spoke with Ozerugas. I have film of that [?].

Drew: Sorry just one more thing to follow up, is there a timeline as far as when you guys will reach an agreement with the mayor’s office and with the developer? Do you guys have a ballpark timeline on that?

Julie: It’s too soon to say because at this point it’s been a whirlwind. You know we just were drastically removed from our home, displaced, and now everybody’s pushing to decide quickly.

Philo: And there’s been a lot of damage to the home. They just practically put the home and house in shambles so like buying the house back at what they paid for it, it’s like,

Julie: It’s too early in the negotiations to even think about anything.

Drew: Thank you so much.

Jennifer: Jennifer again from KOIN 6. Am I muted or can you hear me? You can hear? Ok. um, are you close to finding counsel? Have you spoke with someone that you are, feel comfortable with? Or are you still searching?

William: We’ve had several consultations and we found someone that we see eye-to-eye with and we’re finalizing the retainer agreement at this time.

Drew: Hi, it’s Drew again, I just had one other questions. I saw that on the GoFundMe you guys have gotten over $300k raised in a short amount of time. I was wondering if that money will be used for legal fees or buying back the home, or what are your plans for that?

William: At this time we’re just holding it and in trust until we figure out, yeah, with counsel, recommends how to best move forward in this situation. So right now it is held in the community’s trust. We do have bigger endeavors of doing something big for the community, such as a community center.

Julie: I’d like to jump in on that subject since we brought that subject up. I’m overwhelmed that, that, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I’m not familiar with GoFundMe or any of those things. But I need to say it was my honor for anyone that has even thought to step up in such a way. And I’d like to see this happen for families again because this is unprecedented. And I’m honored and grateful. And we’re trying to get the right counsel to get going in the right direction and make the right decisions with this because like I said I have no knowledge of it and I’m just grateful to the people that [garbled] for me and my family and I hope that [garbled does good for?] all other families.

William: Yeah, so I think we’ll conclude this conference …

Mike: Wait, wait please, can I ask a question, please?

off c:amera] no more questions.

WIlliam: We will be releasing this conference in multiple languages so that everyone can interpret what was said. Yeah, I want to conclude this conference and we’ll keep you posted on for our next press conference when we get more developments.

Philo: Thank you guys!

Anna McPherson: Are you going to address the animal abuse [garbled]?

Julie: Again false information.

[off camera]: We should address that. Do you want to address that? Who is that speaking?

Anna: My name is Anna. I’m not with any publication.

[off camera]: Oh that’s nice that you can be anonymous and ask anonymous questions when we ask for publications to be speaking so thank you for that, but

Overlapping voices Mute this person. Systematic targeting.

Julie: That’s what that was. That’s a false allegation.

Tony: Just answer the question.

all: We are.

William: Just like they were targeting my brother for a false traffic stop for barely stopping at a stop sign. We were receiving all types of targeted abuse for our gutters, for our roof not being up to par. They were finding every reason to target and get us out of this community. So that’s just another sign of the systematic targeting that we’ve been enduring to survive.

Tony: You’re not letting people talk.

[off camera]: We don’t need to let you talk.

Tony: Why not?

[off camera]: You’re not here supporting the family

Jay S: What about the firearms around the house?

[off camera]: We can’t address that they found a pistol here? Is that what you are talking about, firearms?

Brigid: What about the armed threat?

[off camera]: Which arms threat?

William: If they have arms, they have a legal permit to carry arms. And that’s a 2nd amendment right, too.

Julie: And homeless people that are out on the street whether they have to have protection for themselves because they are out there 24/7. It’s something that I wouldn’t know who has what. So those kinds of things try to be put on my family. Again. It’s what’s damaging to my family. The press invaded a place where I thought my husband would be safe. We are not safe right now.

William: Yeah, and government should be afraid of their people. How PPB and Multnomah County Sheriffs came in like gestapo with automatic assault rifles 100 men, 100 women. That needs to be addressed. We need to demilitarize the PPB. Defund PPB and MCSO.

Julie: Thank you guys. Again, I appreciate all the support from those that support my family.