December 22, 2020


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Video Transcript

Coya: If nobody comes on.


Coya: I will be so relieved. Uh oh uh oh.


Rage: Okay.

Coya: Oh look! People are loving it! People are hearting us.

Rage: They’re hearting us.

Coya: Ah!

Rage: I can’t read that shit. What’s it say?

Coya: It’s one of those strong arms.

Rage: Strong arm. Strong arm.


Rage: Shit there’s like 50 people on there.

Coya: Ooo oh whoa, what?

Rage: Damn

Coya: Kill a vibe with those things Ricky!


Rage: Dang

Coya: Hopping on? Yeah! Somebody loves us

Rage: Somebody does. Yeah! That’s good. That’s good. That’s. That’s better than not. That’s definitely better than not.

Coya: Yeah. Heart face is better than the sad face.

Rage: Heart yeah for sure for sure. I mean, do we talk about things or..

Coya: Should we lower the music now?

Rage: I, maybe we lower the music now, I don’t know.

Coya: Ooo smooth transition. A less than smooth transition into quiet.

Rage: It’s very quiet now. Um, well…

Coya: Hello, thank you for joining us.

Rage: Maybe a little bit of mu- Just a tiny bit

Coya: Oh yeah. In the background juhg. Like we’re in a fancy bar.

Rage: Yes. There you go. There you go. Fancy bar.

Coya: That’s the vibe, in a fancy bar.

Rage: With the ___ in the back. Yeah. Okay.

Coya: Ragey?

Rage: Uh, yes. I don’t know why but I feel very nervous. I feel like--

Coya: I do too. Someone’s addressing the cause and housing for campers. Can you rephrase that? So I can get it. Oh yeah, we’ll answer questions later. *whispers* Thank you.

Rage: We’ll come, we’ll come back to the-- this says how did we meet. Let’s just let’s just start from the beginning.

Coya: Oh yeah, we have a whole agenda so don’t get us off track. First of all, cause we’ll get off track. Um..

Rage: The beginning yeah you know?

Coya: The beginnings. I am Coya. This is Rage.

Rage: [Laughter] Oh shit. Okay.

Coya: Ah! Okay. So what had happened was, someone had called me about the Red House

Rage: Get in the-- You’re like not in the--

Coya: Oh I’m not in frame. Sorry. Just all out there. So someone had called me about the red house. Um, a comrade. And, it was like a lot going on. It was the day of the first eviction blockade. Um, and it was um, stressful and sad and like putting family first always. Making sure that the family always runs everything. Um, we were working really hard to get like some community awareness around Red House and we had this um, march and Ragina was there. Hm hm. And um [laughter] She was like leading and shit and she was telling people, um, like making sure people were staying focused. Um, very strong and powerful. Um, and Ragina happened to be using like my, my bullhorn at the time. And like I went over, like got the bullhorn before i left but I was like mentally I was like, "I’m fucking with you, like I fuck with you". Um, so then I reached out to Ragina. Um, hopped in those DMs. Yeah, they answered back pretty quick cause I’m cute is why. And they was like "yeah what do you need?"


Coya: Ah! And imma just hand it over to Ragina cause I feel like that’s where, that’s where she gets crackin! Like super crackin.


Rage: Okay so yeah, like, she ain’t lyin. Like she hot so I answered her. Um, [laughter] and she was like "Yo I want you to like help run this shit with me" and I was like, "Okay. Bet. And I showed up at the meeting and there was a lot of white people there. And um, it was, it was like, I can see why, maybe, I I might need to be there. Um, and I noticed from the jump, that like the black and brown people there at that meeting were not being listened to. Um, not really, uh, their needs being represented and met. It was like really the white folks centering themselves in that meeting. And I just kind of like watched and at the end of it I was like, yeah, I feel like I really need to be here. And um, I just like, had a connection also with that place, like, if you know about Mississippi avenue then you know that area of the hood has been super gentrified. And um, when I was growing up it was a comple- it was all black. And, I felt very much like this was um, this was something I was meant to be a part of, like from that day.

Coya: Yup. I feel like that too. Like it was like I told Ragina on the phone I was like, I feel like the ancestors like brought us to this place, like our ancestors like, coordinated behind the scenes. [laughs] Muh fucka. It was like, this needs to happen in order for this to happen. You know what I mean? And it was really really, I thought, I feel like it’s powerful and um, super I feel blessed to know Ragina. Imma get ___ y’all. Don’t get be started. Okay, we’re gonna move into the next part. Paperwork.

Rage: Oh Damn

Coya: Okay [laughter] We’re gonna talk about like organizing. Organizing 101 and things that we like learned together. That make powerful um

Rage: I look crazy with my hood on

Coya: Organizing ventures. So I was thinking I’ll do this first one. Um so, uhh [laughter] it’s a thing. Listening.

Rage: You’re out of the frame again.

Coya: Listening. Sorry. Fuck I feel like we’re both not gonna fit in.

Rage: You keep drifting away. You know.

Coya: Sorry. It’s uh, um, listening. Listening to the most impacted folks. And like, I almost said like the f word. Ahh, listening, you know what I mean? Because, if you’re not paying attention and taking in every piece, um, from the people that have called you to help them organize their space, their family, then, you will not be successful in any way.

Rage: Nuh uh. Nope.

Coya: Um, and then it’s gonna be the you’re, the family or the community you’re trying to work with will not trust you. Um, it takes time to build those bridges. It doesn’t just happen overnight. You can’t just force somebody to trust you. You can’t force somebody to respect you. You have to like, really put yourself out there and be vulnerable with people and listen to their stories and give a piece of yourself. Um, in that, in that space. Um, so that’s the first organizing tidbit for you.


Rage: On my gosh.

Coya: One second, get into frame. As you had said.

Rage: Okay okay okay. Shit. Okay so, um.

Coya: Oh my goodness. It’s for later?

Rage: That’s for later. Joint for later. Um okay.

Coya: None of your business, is what it is.

Rage: I could, I could share with these people.

Coya: Okay.

Rage: It’s fine. [Laughter] Transparency. Y’know

Coya: Oh! Oh, that bit.

Rage: Um, so anyways. Uh, I’ve noticed not just with like, Red House but, anytime a black person tries to organize something, a bunch of people, try come in, and take that shit. Stuff.

Coya: That part.

Rage: And, part of listening, is trying to recognize like who’s putting work in the ground. On the ground. Who’s been there. Who has been um, making those relationships. Um, providing those resources and figuring out how you can best support them in that moment. And um, I’ve, I’ve noticed that that doesn’t always happen with black organized events. Especially if they’re black femme led. Um, there’s always um, somebody who tries to come along and thinks that they know better. And that kind of leads me to my next point. There’s like there’s a lot of misogyny in this movement. A lot of misogyny in this movement. A lot of belittling my understanding and not trusting my abilities because I am a femme presenting human being. Um, there’s a lot of, not respecting our identities in general and there’s a lot of weaponizing of identities against other people. And um I just wanna, again like reiterate that unless you’re putting black people first, unless you’re putting black trans women first, unless you’re putting black non-binary humans first, unless you’re putting black people first period, you’re not doing the work. And when we came to help this afro-indigenous family. I was I was specifically asked to be here. We just, we to you all our cute little story of how we met, you know.

Coya: Adorable.

Rage: Um, that was one of the main reasons why I felt I needed to get involved. Um, as I said before, there were a lot of white folks involved. A lot of white people deciding what they thought was best for the Kinney family and I feel like, it’s like our duty to make sure that their voices are consistently represented in this effort. And um, when we decided to tear those barricades down, that wasn’t my call. it was the Kinney family’s call. Because I follow what the family wants. I follow who I’m trying to represent. Who I’m trying to uplift. Who I’m trying to center. Who I’m trying to protect. I don’t go into a space with my own intentions and try to amplify that. I’m acting on behalf of them. And that is like the most important thing that you have to keep in mind when organizing is that um, it’s not about you. Your experience adds to your ability to have empathy, but it’s not about you. Cause if I had my choice, those barricades would still be up. But it’s not about me, and it’s not about what you white anarchists want either. Um, also there’s like a lot of people who have a lot of shit to say and they ain’t never step foot at Red House. They ain’t never spent a night on the ground like I have. They never had a conversation with the family. Y’all came through when the barricades went up and you didn’t even know who Philo and Nietzche were. And they were walking around the whole time. As soon as they were out of jail they were there right with us and none of you knew who they were. Um, and you want to tell us what’s best for the family. I think that’s wild. Um, sorry I kinda went off on a tangent but that’s something that’s been on my mind.

Coya: No, that was very relevant. Very relevant folks indeed.

Rage: Um, another thing I have to say since we’re on that topic. We held the city hostage. Not the other way around. We stopped traffic. We stopped transportation. We stopped business and commerce. We stopped trash and recycling. I mean there were people who were literally um felt like they couldn’t leave their houses. Um, and we held that space until we were given what we wanted. And um, if you can’t accept that, I don’t really know what your problem is. Um, I’d say you don’t understand how war works. I’d say you don’t understand strategy. I’d say you don’t trust black women. I’d say you don’t know how to listen.

Coya: Yup. Ragina and I had a talk and we were talkin about, the house and um, treating it like this is our Mama’s house. And, if our Mama tells us to go talk to whoever we gotta talk to keep that house that’s been in the family that we grew up in, we gonna talk to whoever we gotta talk to make it happen. We gonna do whatever we need to do, cause that’s our Mama. And we would hope that y’all all view that Red House the same way. It’s a symbol of your mother’s house.

Rage: It could be your mother’s house. 45,000 people are about to be evicted. 10,000 already on the mother fuckin streets and you want to tell me that you know the best way to protect the family. A black family. A afro-indigenous family. I don’t think so.

Coya: Not today! Not ta day!


Rage: Um, also I just want to say that like if you’re listening to this right now you should rise up with all your friends and take the houses. Every single last house, you should go, you should take them. Take all the houses

Coya: Let’s take the houses. Oops. I wasn’t gonna do an accent wups. Right!

Rage: The accents!

Coya: The accent. Is Wainani on? I hope so. I love you Wainani.

Rage: Ooo. Wainani, Jen,

Coya: Is Jen on?

Rage: Marz, Slay, Bandito, Mondo, Dot, Savage, Salix, Ickis. I’m just naming all my friends now.

Coya: Keepin up with the Kinneys. The Kinneys. Keepin it Kinney! Yeah on my goodness! You’re just roll calling! Roll call! Roll call!

Rage: I’m sorry. I have a really dope team. I don’t know if you know but like I have a whole crew of people that like help me guard red house and we’ve been 24 hours a day for fuckin months and we’re all burnt to shit and tired. So, if you’re in the community and you’re watching this you should fuckin come and help and you don’t have to be armed to guard Red House, we just need people to come hang out.

Coya: Yeah, with love. Who give a fuck who give a fuck about the space. You know?

Rage: With love. Mother fuckers. With love.

Coya: Yeah. Um. Back to the agenda.

Rage: Sorry! Tangent.

Coya: Tangents. We’re gonna talk about what’s next for the red house. Relaunching Red House Eatz. We’re open for

[Connection Issue]

Coya: Rookie moves

Rage: Okay Okay. Oh shoot. Technical

Coya: Yeah. Rookie mistakes.

Rage: You can uh,

Coya: We’re back. We’re back!

Rage: Back the black

Coya: We’re relaunching Red House Eatz for food donations. Please drop things off. Um ooo rumbles of revolution we like your style. Tap in.

Rage: Yeah! We should take all houses. If you’re experienced in taking back houses let’s uh connect. Get in my DMs y’know I’m sayin?

Coya: Slide in the DM. Not in a weird way. In a fun way.

Rage: In an organizing

Coya: In an organizing space. Don’t make it weird.

Rage: In a taking down. All the. Okay.

Coya: Um


Rage: Sorry

Coya: Relaunching the Eatz and then oh you wanna talk about this.

Rage: Oh! Currently we are uh, oh see, I don’t know why we keep drifting out of the frame you know? Um.

Coya: Being vulnerable in this space is hard.

Rage: Yes.

Coya: Probably what it is.

Rage: Is that what they said to me?

Coya: No that’s what I said. I said that right now.

Rage: Oh. Sorry. Um, rebuilding the camp. We are rebuilding the camp. The OG campers. The people who got arrested for that space as well as the Kinney family are trying to reconstruct the camp to how it was um, pre-raid. Um, during the barricade times it got really chaotic and things just sorta got built and we need help from the community to come like reorganize that space and um, make it livable, usable space. We have had the intention for a long time to start launching like workshops and um, community outreach and we can do that if we have a better space to do that.

Coya: Yup. Working to make it accessible and

Rage: We are, yup.

Coya: Ways to make the work workshops fully accessible for folks so we’re working out all of those bits as they come. Here.

Rage: Yeah. Yes. Um yeah.

Coya: That’s the agenda

Rage: That was it? Yeah.

Coya: We can take a question. I think that was it. We can take a couple questions.

Rage: Yeah?

Coya: If that’s a thing. [mumbles] Let me see.

Offscreen: [mumbles] This one took.

Rage: We already addressed that.

Coya: We already address that. We said, hit us up. This mutha fucka wants to tap in via exchanging notes. I saw further down the chat. That’s um lands or something of a revolution?

Rage: Um I don’t know.

Coya: We can go down to see if anyone has asked anything new. Oh, we’ll check that.

Rage: "What help does the Red House need most right now from community members?" Hands!

Coya: Hands!

Rage: Come up! Come to Red House ready to help us rebuild. Um, we’re gonna have to tear up a lot of this stuff built and relocate the kitchen. Um, moving tents. Getting them up on platforms. Weatherizing the camps cause there’s still people. Every person that was camping there, was houseless and all of their things were um, destroyed during the raid so we need for people to come and um, help us rebuild their space where they are living.

Coya: And also, call the Mayor.

Rage: Call the mayor.

Coya: And tell the mayor this is gonna keep happening until we stop talking about having police come and serve eviction notices. There needs to be a system where social workers are coming out asking families what they need. Asking families what’s the next step. Why are we--

Rage: And they’re providing them that.

Coya: Right. And then helping with those next steps. Providing those resources. Tell them that this is a win. And that this isn’t just some fly by night something that this is important, um, would be helpful. There was something else that somebody had said up higher. "Are the Kinney’s moving?"

Rage: Not until the Red House is ready to, for them to live in again, so. We sorta tryna get the Red House back.

Coya: That’s the plan to have them move back into the house. "Do you have an account at the Rebuilding Center?" No but that sounds fun.

Rage: That’s good. That’s good.

Coya: Will you please tap in about the rebuilding center later on. Hi Donovan.

Rage: Ohh

Coya: Hi Melissa. Look

Rage: Hi Hello.

Coya: Lots of love from southern Oregon lovies. Sorry. Accent. Dammit.

Rage: Everytime. I dunno. [Laughter]

Coya: I hate myself. I really do.

Rage: Oh gosh.

Coya: Um,

Rage: Is urban housing [mumbles] we don’t know!

Coya: I mean.

Rage: This [mumbles] won’t talk to us. [mumbles]

Coya: They say they’re interested in. We’re just securing council and having legal council kind of go forward with all that. But we’ve heard this muhfucka is interested. We just wanna wait to have somebody, who can handle that.

Rage: Yeah we different, definitely um raised enough money. We’re literally waiting on Roman the developer to be willing to negotiate with us like, we have everything we need. We just need this person. This gentrifier. This colonizer

Coya: Ooo!

Rage: To be actually willing to speak to us.

Coya: That’s Tea on the live it is spicy on the live tonight. Um I guess it didn’t turn out to be a versus like you wanted Donovan but still.

Rage: I, I can’t actually rap.

Coya: What can we do to versus each other?

Rage: Um.

Coya: Plus we’re on the same team so

Rage: Yeah.

Coya: Doesn’t make sense.


Coya: Okay, uh, one more. "What will happen to the campers if the-" no the campers are all, like the space is, has transformed

Rage: Yeah, it’s woo!

Coya: It’s gonna be a community center space and campers are not gonna be tossed away at any point.

Rage: No

Coya: Or like, and we’re not, we’re also, the campers are in charge of their own destiny y’know what I’m sayin. We’re not looking for placement for campers like that’s weird. You know what I mean.

Rage: No I said I can not rap. I’m not a rapper is what I said.

Coya: Right, you know...


Coya: On that note, ooo! Spicy chai tea. Um, on that note, we will do another live. Are you all into that?

Rage: Is that what you were asking?

Coya: We give the people what they want. I thought it was a Kenan and Kel situation?

Rage: Is it? Am I the Kenan?

Coya: You just want to be Kenan

Rage: I’d like to be Kenan

Coya: and I’m be Kel. Fuck.

Rage: Coming to drop some flower on you? Yes flower as in, um, marijuana yes.

Coya: Everyday. Mara hwana?

Rage: Mara hwana.

Coya: All day every day.

Rage: I do, yes.

Coya: Should we turn up the music and then outro out

Rage: I think we need to get, get um

Coya: Goodbye. Everybody we will have another live.

Rage: Ay!

Coya: What?

Rage: What is happening?


Rage: Wait, wait no that was a good one, you could go back.

Coya: I don’t know, people are leaving anyways. [laughter]

Rage: Yeah they’re leaving. That’s fine. It’s good

Coya: People are leaving. They’re done with it

Rage: Can we actually smoke pot? I don’t know. Not on this. Not on this.

Coya: We’ll get off the live first. We’re gonna do adult activities

Rage: Appropriate.

Coya: in this undisclosed location.

Rage: Yup.

Coya: Bam Bam. Oh, one of those?


Coya: Uh uh uh! Alright Ricky!